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Apart from using mobile phone tracking we feel that more can be done to help missing persons and missing kids which is why we support every campaign to do more for the hundreds of people that go missing each year. You can donate £3 by texting MISSING to 601555.* If you need help or advice about someone who's gone missing people we recommend the following people search websites. Rember if someone you know goes missing always speak to friends, family and colleagues and find out if they are staying with someone or went away on the spur of the moment. If they are under the age of 18 report it to your local police station. If they are over the age of 18 and the disappearance is out of character, you can also call the police. Make sure you also check if credit cards, passports, clothes and cash have gone too?

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Please support us.*

Missing people websites "The UK Missing Kids Website is a unique, state-of-the art people search tool designed to help the police recover missing & abducted children. It is a partnership between the Police, charities, and private sector." "When someone goes missing, the effect it can have on their family or loved ones can be devastating. Missing People offers support, advice and practical help to those left behind at this difficult time."

People search websites "If you need to search for people then Tracesmart offer private and business users access to a range of consumer people search databases from a single online solution to assist in tracing people." "The UK's leading people finder, helps you find residential addresses, phone numbers, property prices and aerial photos and search people by age guide and other occupants. Search our free Directory Enquiry listings or subscribe to access premium records including Electoral Rolls from 2002 - 2008 with age guide, Director Reports, and Birth, Marriage and Death certificates."

Here are some useful tips if you see a child who appears lost:

1. Don't ever be afraid to get involved or try and help

2. Comfort the child but remember never to physically touch the child.

3. If the child can speak, then check if they're lost or where their parents/guardian are.

4. Do not request too much personal information, since children are taught not to give out this information to people they don't know.

5. If you have a mobile phone, contact police to report the incident by calling 999.

6. Try to find someone nearby in a position of authority who can assist.

7. Do not take the child far from the immediate location.

8. Do not put the child in your car and drive off seeking help.

9. Ask a passers-by or someone in authority to assist.

10. Wait with the child until help or the emergency services arrives.

National Missing Persons Bureau:

The NPIA Missing Persons Bureau (MPB) works alongside the police and related organisations in order to improve the services provided to missing persons investigations and to increase the effectiveness of the police response.

They act as the centre for the exchange of information connected with the search for missing persons nationally and internationally. The unit focuses on cross matching missing persons with unidentified persons/bodies. Other key activities include:

Maintaining records of missing persons and unidentified persons/bodies to provide an investigative support service to police.

Maintaining a dental index of ante-mortem and charting of long term missing persons and post-mortem charting from unidentified bodies.

Managing Missing Kids website designed to assist missing children and people search investigations.

Managing and co-ordinating the Child Rescue Alert service.

Information is supplied with reference to the following:

All persons who have been missing in the UK for over 14 days, or where the force feels the case warrants more urgent attention

All foreign nationals who have been reported missing in the UK

All UK nationals who have been reported missing abroad

All unidentified bodies or persons found within the UK

Private Detective Agencies:

Association of British Investigators With its origins dating back to 1913, the Association of British Investigators is now recognised as the premiere professional body for private investigators working in the United Kingdom.