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To sign up for a new account for the location a mobile you will be need to complete the following:

Select tracking package and enter your personal details.

A password is sent to your email address to access your account. If you don't receive this within a few hours please check first to see if it has been picked up by your emails spam blocker.
Pay online using a credit or bank debit card or via PayPal. A confirmation notification is sent to you.
Add mobile phones by entering details for each mobile number. The system generates a link that must be click on the phone you wish to track to download the software. Once you download the app it will hide itself and becomes unrecognizable and gradually extracts all the data of the individuals activities.
Enter the password against the mobile phone on the web site to activate it.
Start mobile tracking the mobile numbers on your account!
Please note all networks are supported.

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GPS Versus GSM Mobile Tracking - The Pros And Cons

The advantages of GPS mobile tracking are that it is considerably more accurate than a GS tracker unit. These can cost upwards of hundreds of pounds whereas our mobile tracking account can be used to track unlimited numbers of phones for just a few pounds per handset. GSM tracking also doesn't require any software to be downloaded. The main downside is location accuracy.If you need accuracy of greater than 50-100 metres then GSM tracking is not for you and you would be better off investing in one of our GPS tracker devices.

Guidelines For Child Mobile Location

There are two types of location based services. The first is where the mobile owner requests information to be relayed to them on their mobile eg a request for the nearest take away restaurant or bus stop. This is known as an active location service. The second is where a mobile user has their location disclosed to another person. Because the mobile location request is from someone else this is called a passive service. Passive LBS (Location Based Services) tracking for children can only be se up by a parent or guardian. The child must have given their consent before the service can be used. As part of the guidelines a text message must be sent to the phone and the service can be deactivated by the parent or child.

Ofcom Tips For The Location of a Child's Mobile

As the GSM mobile location industry is tightly regulated parents have been warned to be aware of GPS location by mobile technology, particularly from downloadable apps to smart phones. Make sure GPS tracking is disabled. Talk to your children about the risks of posting their location information to a website. Explain that they should ask you before downloading any mobile tracking applications. For more information about location by mobile phone tracking contact your mobile operator.

What Is The Difference Between Phone Hacking And Phone Tracking?

We get a lot of customers confused by this when trying to sign up. Some erroneously believe we offer a phone hacking service. This not the case! Our website allows for mobile location data only. A phone hacker is not the same as a phone tracker system. So what exactly is the difference? Firstly there are two types of mobile phone hacking. One involves tapping into someones mobile phone number to access tracking information which is illegal. The other type is hacking into your own phone. For the avoidance of doubt Tracamobile only supports non covert mobile location.

If I Sign Up Can You Hack A Mobile Phones Location?

Mobile phones are more difficult to hack than a landline as they operate using radio waves. You can listen in to a mobile to mobile phone conversation by using a mobile scanner receiver set to track frequencies 800 Mhz to 1 Ghz. Another way to intercept mobile calls is to use local base station. But this is not easy. To hack the cell phone itself you will need to alter the phones chip. This is only possible because a flaw in the Global System For Communication, known as GSM which allows you to hack 70 per cent of mobile handsets. Some companies advertise download phone tracker software, but again it is not legal to use such applications. The other method is to install mobile location spyware. Again this is not legal. So to use our phone tracker service then you need to ensure you have the owners permission to do this. This is the only legal way to track a phone in the UK.

How does voicemail hacking work and how to avoid being hacked!

The ability to hack a voicemail came about because all new mobile phones have a default pin code eg 0000. Each phone network had its own pin code so it was relatively easy to start tracking peoples call and checking the mobiles location. Even when people did set their pin they often used easily guessable numbers, so relatively easy for someone to track down if they knew you mobile number or say date of birth. So if you set the pin code to a difficult to guess a number or switch your voicemail off then its unlikely anyone will ever be able to track the mobiles location.



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