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How To Find The Location Of A Mobile

Using Global Position System tracking data our system works with all smart mobile phones worldwide (including Pay As You Go) and is approved by the above networks. All you need to find a mobile or people via GPS tracking is an internet enabled device or web access. Our mobile location tracker service covers everything else you for, plus there are no long term contract agreements to enter into either - just pay monthly. This service can also be used to help in finding a lost or missing phone provided the phone has been set up for mobile location tracking first. We also enable you to set your account to undertake route location requests on any of the mobile phones you have registered on the gps tracker database. This means you can automatically see where a mobile is any time day or night. GPS tracking is different to GSM technology for locating a mobile. GSM is centred around measuring signal power levels and antenna density and uses the concept that a mobile phone is continually connecting wirelessly with one of the nearest base stations, so if you know which mast the handset communicates with, you know that the unit is close to that respective base station, because of this the technology will only work if the phone is switched on.

Location accuracy

The accuracy of the report is also poorer as it depends on the distance between the mobile phone being located and the phone mast that it is contact with at the time. GSM Mobile location is generally more accurate in built up urban areas than in rural areas as they tend to have a greater concentration of mobile masts. Other factors like the local geography eg whether it is hilly or mountainous and the number of structures nearby or even the weather can affect the strength of phone signals. So GPS is more accurate (the best accuracy being 1 metre as opposed to about 50 metres for GSM Location Based Services. So GPS tracking is a cheaper more straightforward alternative to GSMsolutions.

Which type of mobile location?

There are four types of mobile location systems. These are; Network based, Handset based, Sim based and Hybrid. With network based tracking this uses the network operators gsm phone mast infrastructure for tracking a mobile and has the advantage that it can be used non intrusively, which is why Traceamobile uses this technology. For this any mobile tracking United Kingdom provider also needs to comply with E911 legislation regulations. For handset based tracking this requires the user to download tracking software. These tracking applications (or "apps" as they are now frequently called) are designed for all Smart, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows and Android phones and is the most accurate mobile location currently available. However, some downloading tracking apps are often difficult and can sometimes affect the smooth running of the phone itsef or affect the units batter life, not like our mobile location platform. With Sim-based the simcard in GSM and UMTS handsets are used to extract raw radio measurements using the Cell ID. So the mobile location is actauly happening within the handset and can be moved from phone to phone. The downside with this is the accuracy of the data can vary from that obtained by the network/handset system. So again GPS is better. Hybrid postioning system is a combination of network phone tracking and mobile handset location, but this is more commonly found in tracker devices rather than mobile phones. Our system uses a simple downloadable app.

Mobile Location Myths

Here is some location by mobile phone myths that often put people off signing up. Some people think mobile location is illegal. This is not true. As long as you have a persons permission it is perfectly legal to use phone tracker software. What if you get poor signal strength can you still track a phone? This is another phone tracker myth. Signal strength is only one element of cell phone mobile location positioning and again does not affect our GPS system. The time taken for the signal to reach the base station also affects. Another concern is that it will drain battery life or affect the quality of phone calls. The actual mobile location algorithm takes place after the signal has left the handset so mobile cell battery life or call clarity will not be affected.

The Four Step Mobile Locations Process

The four steps below show how it works from setting a phone up to actualy tracking the device online. Step one is select your mobile location phone or phones. Go online and enter your details and make payment for a location tracking package. The GPS location of a mobile is then displayed on an internet map.

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