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SMS Mobile Tracking Software

SMS mobile tracking software can be used to monitor the text messages sent and received from a mobile. The mobile tracking application is downloaded to your mobile either through a wireless connection, a USB or via Bluetooth. Once installed on a phone this covert mobile tracking app silently monitors data on a secure website for access at a later date. SMS tracker software also monitors GPS co-ordinates, phone calls made, contact lists, photographs and any video capture. On the market there are currently two types of mobile tracking sim based applications. These are Stealth SMS tracking and Parental SMS Tracking.

Parental vs. Stealth trackers

Stealth mobile tracking means the software is not visible on the mobile and the data can only be monitored via an external website once the data has been downloaded. Parental mobile tracking will allow you to set restrictions on when and how the phone can be used. This is most applicable for a phone you have provided for your kids or an employee who needs guidance on the units appropriate usage.

Employee SMS Mobile Tracking

For employees this will be useful if it is their company phone they are tracking. This will provide you with such information as to where the phone is at all time, emails sent, and software accessed including websites visited and if the phone was used to take pictures or videos.

Companies supply SMS Mobile Tracking

We do not currently offer this service but if you search online for either covert or stealth mobile tracking you will find a number of websites that exclusively provide such software. Check to make sure the site is reputable and is not a scam and has good user feedback! You do not have to be a subscriber to our mobile tracking service to use our free SMS service! You don't have to unlock your phone, change your sim card or need to have MMS set up. Why pay for sending SMS text messages when you can send FREE sms?! Click below to create and send free SMS today!

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