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1. How accurate is the service and can you find a mobile phone even when it is turned off?
The position shows the mobile phone's last known location (with an accuracy of up to 50 metres*) based on a live feed
or the last known position before going out of range* (Vodafone only*). Map scale adjusts with position accuracy and you can zoom in or out.

2. Do you send a text message to the mobile each time it is tracked?
No. We do send occasional reminder texts, but these are not when tracking takes place and do not need to be replied to find a mobile! Any reminders are sent at random intervals

3. Can someone else trace my mobile phone without my permission?
No! Our mobile tracking requires you to agree to this before tracking can be activated on your mobile phone so is 100% safe.

4. Will I be charged for a mobile tracking search even if tracking fails and you can't find a mobile?
Yes, one credit is still deducted as this is the current policy of the network becuase the cost of a failed search are passed to us and , but this may change in the near future. Please note four credits are deducted if you attempt to track a mobile that has not been registered.

5. Will other networks apart from O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile be supported?
We hope to be able to offer the service to 3 Mobile customers sometime in 2016/17

6. Does mobile phone tracking technology work outside of mainland Great Britain/N. Ireland?
Not at present, but there are plans to offer international mobile phone tracking at a later date. Other countries offer GPS tracking e.g. Mapmates

7. Does this mobile tracking service work on Facebook, MySpace or Bebo?
No. These are Social Network Integrated Friend Finder (or SNIFF) tracking services which are a different application. We are not part of phorm tracking service as this is for the internet only.

8. What is the difference between your service and other tracking services?
Some companies, such as Verilocation and Mobile Locate charge a monthly fee whereas we offer Pay As You Go packages only.

9. What is an IMEI number and will I need it for it to work as a mobile tracker number?
No. An IMEI (The International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15-digit code used to identify an individual GSM mobile telephone to a mobile network. It can be displayed on most phones by dialling *#06#. It is also usually printed on the compliance plate under the battery.

10. Is there any difference in your service to Google's latitude mobile tracking?
Yes. Google's latitude phone tracker only works via GPS tracking so to find a mobile the phone needs to have a GPS chip for Latitude tracking to work. Our system works on any mobile phone so to use Google's latitude service you need to check your phones capabilities very carefully first. We also offer a fully support service with a customer help desk to assist you in setting up our service.

11. Lost phone - can you track it for me?
Yes. Our tracker service will help you narrow down the location so you may be able to find a mobile this way, especially if you already know approximately where it might be. The only point to remember is for security reasons you must have registered the mobile phone with us before it is lost or stolen or we will be unable to locate it for you! So remember always register any new phones immediately and please be aware that we cannot offer a refund if you attempt to register a phone that has already been lost or stolen.

12. Stolen mobile - can you help me locate it?
Again the mobile must have been registered first and of course it will not give you the name or address of the person that stole your mobile.

13. I used to have a subscription Verilocation account - now it doesn't work?
We now no longer support the Verilocation mobile tracking service. If you still have an existing account with Verilocation then you must contact them direct. If you wish to switch to our pay as you go service then you will need to cancel your verilocation account and any credits will be lost and cannot be transferred over to your new PAYG service.


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